Dancing Dragon Magic

A reading from "Dancing Dragon Magic: Dialogues in Clay" about the Day Dragon. I show how I make the background and scale textures near the end.

Living in Magic

A Sun Dragon Plate and a Mermaid Vessel!

Watch as I demonstrate creating texure usind netting and vinyl materials!

So many things happen inside my head! Thoughts swirl like a magical ocean, ebbing and flowing back and forth. Coalescing into dragons, mermaids, creatures that defy description with mortal words. Why do I see so much? How does this happen? I suppose it is because I allow it to. I encourage my imagination to fly as far and as wide as it is able.

I should be content to just enjoy it all, count myself lucky to have so much fun going on in my head. I get discouraged when people don’t “get” it, when they look at me blankly, not understanding what I see. I should feel sorry for them, living in their mundane existence.

Perhaps a few people will catch on, someone will get a glimmer of other worlds through my musings. Maybe they could profit from the experience. Maybe I could too!

That would be lovely!

My interview on AZTV, Susan Smith James and Dancing Dragon Magic!


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