Dancing Dragon Magic

Well, my book launched on 1/24/2018 and it has already been to the top of the Amazon bestseller list. That was an amazing ride! I have to thank Erica Glessing, of Happy Publishing for the books meteoric rise. She is the best publisher I could ever have for my book! I also have to thank Sally Baker, of Great Ideas PR Inc., she is the perfect publicist for my book! I’m not sure how I got so lucky as to have such great people in my life, helping me get this dragon book off the ground. I know that the dragons helped in every step of this books creation too!

Now it’s on to book singings and book tours and sales of the dragon pots. I guess I can look on that stuff as a reward for all the hard work that I put into the creation of the book. I built the dragon pots, photographed them, did drawings for the pages, wrote the story (with the dragons help of course) and figured out the basic layout. Erica and designer, Nada Orlie, put beautiful colors on all the pages and got it ready for printing.

I am very excited and am feeling very blessed!

1/24/2018 is the day of my book launch! I have been working on this project for over two years. The making of the dragon pots was perhaps the most fun,  or at least what I am most comfortable with. The writing, typing, editing and designing were by far more frustrating and foreign to my brain. I thought it would be easier than it was! But here we are ready to birth my book into the world! The dragons and I can hardly wait.


Come join us on the 24th for all the fun! "Dancing Dragon Magic; Dialogues in Clay" will be available on Amazon, in hardcover, softcover and Kindle. It is 91 full color pages of dragonish fun!

The Night Dragon settled himself in a cave, to sleep out the bothersome daylight. Oh, he could tolerate the sun, at times, but he was tired and wanted no part of daylight, for now. Deep inside the cave, it was pleasantly dark, and cool. Soon he fell into a deep sleep. He dreamt of the sun. It grew brighter in his mind, it woke him up. He went outside to have a word with the annoying orb. “Why are you so bright, and hot today?” he asked, with more than a little annoyance in his voice. The sun answered,” I am hot and bright every day, dragon, what is your problem with me?” “You are disturbing my rest.” said The Night Dragon, “Dim yourself, or I will have to eat you!”  The sun laughed at the dragon,” You cannot eat me, I am the center of the solar system, to destroy me is to destroy yourself!” This gave The Night Dragon a slight pause. Then his sleep deprived anger kicked in and reason flew away. I will show you who can eat the sun!” He flew up and up, out into space and still onward towards the sun. The sun became much larger than it seemed from his planet, but he made himself bigger and bigger, until The Night Dragon was larger than the glowing orb. “Who do you think you are to disturb my sleep?” said The Night Dragon. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the sun, whole. Suddenly, he realized what the sun was telling him, his planet could not survive without it’s sun! Just as quickly as he swallowed the sun, The Night Dragon spit it back out again. “You are right, sun, my planet needs you, I am sorry that I lost my temper, and ate you.” The sun laughed, I knew you would come around, creatures often try to swallow me, but think better of it after a bit, I will always be here, no one has managed to digest me yet.” “The night Dragon bowed to the sun, they parted as friends. The Night Dragon suddenly awoke, in his cave. What a strange dream, he thought. Later as he traveled about, he heard everyone speaking about the total eclipse. He had slept right through it, or had he?

I wanted the inside of this pot to look like molten lava. I gold leafed the inside, leaving cracks of the dark glaze peeking through. I tinted the top coat of polyurethane with some red acrylic paint. It was a difficult job to get the leaf into the small opening of the pot. Klutzy me managed to spill the sizing and pretty much leaf my entire brush, but I am happy with the result. The Mud Dragon seems to like it too!

More fun than I ever thought I could have with smoke!


While I was trolling through the internet, I discovered something called backflow incense. My research shows that it is made with more tar than regular incense, which makes the smoke slightly heavier than air, thus causing it to flow down, rather than up. So, while I don’t think it is a good idea to breath this all the time, I thought it was interesting enough to experiment with. I had been working on a water fountain and the idea of a tiny smoke fountain intrigued me. I started with an ambitious three-tiered dragon fountain, with the smoke flowing out of the dragon’s mouth and over two levels, to the bowl beneath. I then decided that these little incense cones don’t make that much smoke, so I added a second spot to hold an incense cone. Then came two wall fountains and two more small standing fountains. It will be a while before they are all fired, but they were great fun to make, and I can’t wait to see them finished!

Living in Magic!

One night I dreamt that I had a shape shifting hat. I don't know if the hat shape shifted, or if wearing the hat gave you the ability to shape shift, but I was happy to wear it!

The hat was made of purple velvet, with a profusion of flowers, that seemed to also be made of various colors of velvet. It was sort of like a top hat in shape, but it was soft, and instead of standing up tall, like a top hat, the velvet flowers came out of the top and spilled down one side, making the whole thing slump over. The velvet brim was a bit more stiff, but still softer than a real top hat.

I took a course in duality, and the first part of the course dealt with grounding. All that grounding made me feel short, like my feet were mired in six inches of mud. I did not have (or at least not remembered) any fanciful dreams since. One night I woke up at around 3AM. I announced to the room that I was tired of all this being stuck to the ground, and I wanted to fly, to be magic, to wear my shape shifting hat!

The Night Dragon came to me, and told me to stop grounding myself to the center of the planet, to instead send a connection up to the ionosphere. Then I would be able to fly between the earth and the sky, like the Shuman Resonance does. He said that my body is part of the earth, and it cannot be anything else. My spirit may leave the ionosphere, but not without effort, and in any case, Gaia knows and loves me, just as any other part of herself. She will not let anything happen while I'm inside her aura.

And with that, Gaia, herself, gave me a jacket of iridescent purple velvet, to go with my hat and to protect me as I “live in magic.”

I am not sure how to proceed to "live in magic", but I am happy with my hat and coat, and feel that I am ready to experience whatever it is.

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