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Living in Magic!

One night I dreamt that I had a shape shifting hat. I don't know if the hat shape shifted, or if wearing the hat gave you the ability to shape shift, but I was happy to wear it!

The hat was made of purple velvet, with a profusion of flowers, that seemed to also be made of various colors of velvet. It was sort of like a top hat in shape, but it was soft, and instead of standing up tall, like a top hat, the velvet flowers came out of the top and spilled down one side, making the whole thing slump over. The velvet brim was a bit more stiff, but still softer than a real top hat.

I took a course in duality, and the first part of the course dealt with grounding. All that grounding made me feel short, like my feet were mired in six inches of mud. I did not have (or at least not remembered) any fanciful dreams since. One night I woke up at around 3AM. I announced to the room that I was tired of all this being stuck to the ground, and I wanted to fly, to be magic, to wear my shape shifting hat!

The Night Dragon came to me, and told me to stop grounding myself to the center of the planet, to instead send a connection up to the ionosphere. Then I would be able to fly between the earth and the sky, like the Shuman Resonance does. He said that my body is part of the earth, and it cannot be anything else. My spirit may leave the ionosphere, but not without effort, and in any case, Gaia knows and loves me, just as any other part of herself. She will not let anything happen while I'm inside her aura.

And with that, Gaia, herself, gave me a jacket of iridescent purple velvet, to go with my hat and to protect me as I “live in magic.”

I am not sure how to proceed to "live in magic", but I am happy with my hat and coat, and feel that I am ready to experience whatever it is.

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