Dancing Dragon Magic

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The Night Dragon settled himself in a cave, to sleep out the bothersome daylight. Oh, he could tolerate the sun, at times, but he was tired and wanted no part of daylight, for now. Deep inside the cave, it was pleasantly dark, and cool. Soon he fell into a deep sleep. He dreamt of the sun. It grew brighter in his mind, it woke him up. He went outside to have a word with the annoying orb. “Why are you so bright, and hot today?” he asked, with more than a little annoyance in his voice. The sun answered,” I am hot and bright every day, dragon, what is your problem with me?” “You are disturbing my rest.” said The Night Dragon, “Dim yourself, or I will have to eat you!”  The sun laughed at the dragon,” You cannot eat me, I am the center of the solar system, to destroy me is to destroy yourself!” This gave The Night Dragon a slight pause. Then his sleep deprived anger kicked in and reason flew away. I will show you who can eat the sun!” He flew up and up, out into space and still onward towards the sun. The sun became much larger than it seemed from his planet, but he made himself bigger and bigger, until The Night Dragon was larger than the glowing orb. “Who do you think you are to disturb my sleep?” said The Night Dragon. He opened his mouth wide and swallowed the sun, whole. Suddenly, he realized what the sun was telling him, his planet could not survive without it’s sun! Just as quickly as he swallowed the sun, The Night Dragon spit it back out again. “You are right, sun, my planet needs you, I am sorry that I lost my temper, and ate you.” The sun laughed, I knew you would come around, creatures often try to swallow me, but think better of it after a bit, I will always be here, no one has managed to digest me yet.” “The night Dragon bowed to the sun, they parted as friends. The Night Dragon suddenly awoke, in his cave. What a strange dream, he thought. Later as he traveled about, he heard everyone speaking about the total eclipse. He had slept right through it, or had he?

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