Dancing Dragon Magic

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It was a dark and stormy night, friends and family trudged through great, cold, wet puddles to get to the winery.Once inside they found the dragon pots already playing up on the stage in the corner of the large room.Colorful spotlights danced against the vessels shinny glazes. The freshly arrived books sat ready for sale.

I arrived early with some of the food, only to find some people already there. We looked at the pots, discussed the hows and whys of creating them. They looked inside the books and held some of the pottery. They tasted the wines that the Auburn Road Vineyard, lovingly creates. 

Eventually I took to the stage to read some of the book. The first passage was met with "Read some more" from the crowd. I read another section. There were applause when I finished. The dragons were very pleased! I felt the audience was very encouraging to this first time author.

I thank everyone who attended  to support me and also, those who bought books! I think that I will be a bit more comfortable the next time out, knowing that you all received me so well.

We are working on some book openings at some independent book stores in New jersey. I'll let you know when we have some firm dates. 

Thanks to all who came out and all who wished me well but couldn't make it.

Wine tasters at the Auburn Road Vineyard and Winery

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