Dancing Dragon Magic

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About the Journal

  Dancing Dragon Magic Insight Journal, is a way for everyone to connect with the dragons, in all their subtleties and strengths. This journal is really a journey into the Dragon Realm. The dragons want to ask you questions. They want you to explore your life through the prism of their eyes. They feel that their perspective will give you new insights into your own soul. What is your life’s challenge? How are you handling challenges, successes, failures? Could the dragons journal prompts spark a new idea in you? Will thinking and writing about aspects of your life make things clearer in your own mind? Hmm, the dragons wish to help, they feel that turning your attention inward will cause you to find hidden answers to your questions, even questions that you never knew to ask. What new things will you find out about yourself? Where will you find yourself after your Insight Journey is over? You may find that you have gained a new perspective, see things differently, feel different than you did before you started! Spread your intuitive wings and glide on the energetic fields in which the dragons play. This journey is meant to be fun and the dragons promise to be gentle! Enjoy your travels here!

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