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Journal and journey with the dragons to your own space, your own experience as the Dragon guides give you thoughtful questions and journal prompts to awaken wisdom possibly long left sleeping. Take a romp through this journal, be inspired by the dragon vessels of Susan Smith James and the dragons’ thought-provoking words. Answer the dragons’ questions and gain new insights into your own soul. Get ready to co-create with the dragons and find new insights with this journal!

A ceramics art professional for decades, Susan Smith James began having conversations with her creations and the results border on the miraculous! Join the dragon fun here on these magical journal insight pages. 

Dancing Dragon Magic Insight Journal, is a dragon book that will give journalers a way to connect with the dragons, in all their subtleties and strengths. This journal, a book with dragon questions, is really a journey into the Dragon Realm. The dragons want to ask you questions. They want you to explore your life through the prism of their
eyes. The dragons feel that their perspective will give you new insights into your own soul.

What is your life’s challenge? How are you handling challenges, successes, failures? Could the dragons
journal prompts spark a new idea in you? Will thinking and writing about aspects of your life
make things clearer in your own mind? Hmm, the dragons wish to help, they feel that turning
your attention inward will cause you to find hidden answers to your questions, even questions
that you never knew to ask. What new things will you find out about yourself? Where will you
find yourself after your Insight Journey is over? You may find that you have gained a new
perspective, see things differently, feel different than you did before you started!

Spread your intuitive wings and glide on the energetic fields in which the dragons play. This journey is
meant to be fun and the dragons promise to be gentle! Enjoy your travels here!

About the Author
Susan Smith James is an artist, potter and author, living in southern New Jersey with her
husband and two sons. In her first book, Dancing Dragon Magic: Dialogues in Clay, she used
her dragon pots to illustrate a story about the dragons who inspired her art.




The new Dancing Dragon Magic Insight Journal by artist Susan Smith James is a gift to us; of self exploration, inner searching, and a comfortable bringing forth of long buried self knowledge. As each new dragon appears, you find yourself conversing with them, asking them to lighten the burden of your difficulties. And how very helpful to put these sometimes vague, troublesome worries to paper to help them come to light- to the sun dragon perhaps- to be lifted and released. The pages are beautifully harmonic, the words eloquent, the colors wash in soothing hues. The Celtic-like border drawings are so intriguing. The Dragons are creative and fascinating, radiating personality like the Moon Dragon, harbinger of peace. Her presence is very much needed today, and may her wings embrace us as we go into our tomorrows. Dragon Magic counsel and this lovely journal- yes, we need it!                            Nancy Bowker



First of all I love to journal and I have all my life (since I was 12) so to find a new journal with dragon questions is awesome. I love the dragon images and ceramics and I love the questions posed. The only thing is I would probably write in a paper clear white journal and keep these pages open. Just a thought. Great work Susan Smith James!                                              Erica Glessing


Beautiful journal + art + mystical and mythical dragon lore and magic! Well done, Susan James! This is just as inspiring and engaging for adults as for children. Very experiential and unique. It makes a great gift for any dragon lovers.

                                                    Sage Taylor Kingsley Goddard

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