Dancing Dragon Magic

Susan Smith James Biography

Susan Smith James works in clay, paper and words.



 Susan Smith James is an artist, who lives on a farm in southern New Jersey. She spent many years as an award-winning, full-time potter. She found that the responsibilities of raising her two sons and caring for the farm, with her husband, took up all of her time. Working in clay became more of a wish than an actuality. When her youngest son went off to college, she found that dragons were tapping on her shoulder, asking her to construct pots of them. After she had made several dragon pots, they began sharing their conversations with her, and the beginnings of “Dancing Dragon Magic: Dialogues in Clay” took shape.


 “Although I am happiest in my studio with my hands in clay, the dragons want to take off and fly all over the world, so here I go, to tell their story. ‘Be seen’, I keep hearing, and so I am.”, says Susan







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